Maplewood Hill Top Goats

Registered Dairy Goats for Milk and Show

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Whole herd tested CAE Negative MARCH 2015-

 2021 Nigerian Dwarf Breeding Schedule
Doe Buck Due Date Kidding Info 
 Proctor Hill Farm PeppermintWalnut Mnt. Gibb Me A Kiss 

February 23rd 2021

 single buckling-polled -blue eyes $400.

 Maplewood Hill Top Me MeWalnut Mnt. Gibb Me A Kiss   March 11th 2021

1 buck-1 doe  

 Maplewood Hill Top Dazzle Maplewood Hill Top My Apache March 18th 2021

2 does 1 buck-one doe retained  

 Maplewood Hill Top Dunes Twix Walnut Mnt. Gibb Me A Kiss  March 18th 2021

3 does-sold  

 Gibson Farm DF Shelbyville Maplewood Hill Top My Apache March 18th 2021

single buck, sold  

 Walnut Mtn. Pip Squeak Maplewood Hill Top My Apache March 18th 2021

2 bucks-sold  

 Moon Spinner's MizukiMaplewood Hill Top My Apache March 19th 2021


 MagnoliaMaplewood Hill Top My Apache March 25th 2021

1 buck-1 doe for sale 



                                                    2019 Alpine Breeding Schedule




 Due Date

 Kidding Info

 Opal Daughter

Hardluck-Hollow WFKS Penn Heat
March 16th 2020 

2 bucks-sold 


We have a mini Alpine with blue eyes -photos soon  $150.




 Penn Heat

 June. 10th one bucklingDOA

Ellie Mae 

 Penn Heat

June 13th 

 single doeling





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