Maplewood Hill Top Goats

Registered Dairy Goats for Milk and Show

Nigerian Does


AGS and ADGA Member


Whole herd tested CAE Negative MARCH 2015

                                                                                 Senior Does-   click pics for more info



Maplewood Hill Top Tootsieroll

Moon Spinner's Mizuki


Proctor Hilll Farm SheezaCutie



Maplewood Hill Top WW Bling


CH Laurel Haven EcHo

Maplewood Hill Top Flash Drive


Maplewood Hill Top Holly

SOLD-Superior genetics award



Maplewood Hill Top White Out
2 CH legs



 Proctor Hill Farm PepperMint


Maplewood Hill Top RockEm Reba



Maplewood Hill Top Tootsieroll    LA  85

DOB: 1/17/09                    Height: 18"

           SSS: ARMCH Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm +*S

   SS: Rosasharn FS Astronut *S

          SSD: ARMCH Rosasharn's P'nut B'udder Cup 3*D

Sire: HC Farms AN Ruff n Ready

         SDS: Hayseed Farm's Final Answer

  SD: Hayseed Farm's FA Missy Mae

       SDD: MCH Hayseed Farm KK Ellie Mae


         DSS: Pecan Hollow Wind of Change *S

   DS: TX Twin Creeks WOC Visa Gold *S

         DSD: MCH/GCH Twin Creeks ARG Mithril Silver 2*D 1*M

Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Ramblin' Rose

         DDS: Sugar Creek MT Tell Me More *S

   DD: Wood Bridge Farm Whispersoftly *D 1*M

         DDD: Promiseland GO Marquis


Her Udder with 2 kids still nursing:



Her Udder with 2 kids still nursing:

Current udder:



Moon Spinner's Mizuki





DOB: 5/10/09

    SS: DesertNanny Icy Blue Encore *B

S: DesertNanny EC Blue Galaxy

    SD: Prarie Wood Azea Tamar *D 1*M


    DS: MCH Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue

D: Kids Corral Orb's Luz C

    DD: Old Mountian Farm Blue Orb 2*D




Maplewood Hill Top WW Bling

                                                                Bling with her dam Whippoorwill

DOB: 8/7/09

         SSS: ARMCH Rosasharn Under my Thumb  +*B

   SS: CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S *B

         SSD: ARMCH/GCH Rosasharn TL Arwen 2*M 8*S

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Wewillywinkle

         SDS: Sugar Creek MT Tell Me More *S

   SD: Wood Bridge Farm Viola Lolla

         SDD: CH Gay-Mor Ra Nicotiana

         DSS: Creek Road Hudson +S

   DS: Buttin'Heads Sonic Hero

         DSD: MCH Buttin'Heads Carmen Sandiego

Dam: Wood Bridge Farm Whippoorwill

         DDS: Sugar Creek Mt. Pantomine *S

   DD: CH Sugar Creek PT Ring-Neck Dove 2*D

         DDD: Kinderhaven Valancy *D




CH Laurel Haven Echo    LA  89

DOB:  3-11-10

         SSS: ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S E

   SS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S E90

         SSD: Rosasharn's UK Witch Hazel 5*D VG

Sire: NC PromisedLand RC Hoss *S

         SDS: SG NC PromisedLand MG Beau +*S

   SD: GCH NC PromisedLand Beau-Nanza 2*M 5*D VG88

         SDD: PromisedLand HS Zinnia 4*D

         DSS: SG NC PromisedLand MG Beau +*S

   DS: NC PromisedLand Ram-Beau *S VG88

         DSD:  Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie *M 3*D

Dam: NC PromisedLand RB Eazy

         DDS: PromisedLand CP Seymore Spots *S

   DD: NC PromisedLand SS Este Una VG86

         DDD: PromisedLand CAD This One



 Recent udder:



Maplewood Hill Top Flash Drive

DOB: 12-13-11


                      SSS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron ++B *S

      SS: NC Promisedland RC Bonafide *S  ++*B

                    SSD: SGCH/ARMCH NC Promisedland Beau-Nita 2*D 2*M

Sire: Dill's BF Emerson Drive *B

                   SDS: MI Sugar Creek TW Tunes XM *S +*B

      SD: SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M (ADGA Elite Doe)  2013 ADGA National Show- Reserve Champion

                  SDD: SG Dill's LD Remember 3*D (ADGA Elite Doe)


                      DSS: NC PromisedLand Palbo Abednego *B

   DS: Wood Bridge Farm Too Platumn Plus 

                      DSD: CH Wood Bridge Farm X E Lexey

Dam: Maplewood Hill Top White-Out

                      DDS: Wood Bridge Farm Wewillywinkle

    DD: Maplewood Hill Top WW Bling 

                     DDD: Wood Bridge Farm Whippoorwill

Maplewood Hill Top White Out     LA 88.       2 CH legs


DOB: 2-28-11

             SSS: Buttin'Heads Palimony +B

      SS: NC PromisedLand Palbo Abednego *B

             SSD:  GCH PromisedLand CP Lil BoPeep 1*M

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Too Platumn Plus

            SDS: TX Twincreeks WOC Visa Gold *S

     SD: CH Wood Bridge Farm X E Lexey

            SDD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Tiny Dancer 


            DSS: CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S *B

    DS: Wood Bridge Farm Wewillywinkle

            DSD: Wood Bridge Farm Viola Lolla 

Dam: MaplewoodHill Top WW Bling

           DDS: Buttin'Heads Sonic Hero

    DD: Wood Bridge Farm Whippoorwill

           DDD: CH Sugar Creek PT Ring-Neck Dove 2*D


6-30-12  Grand Champion, Best of Breed, and Best Udder  (Ring 2) Dunkirk, NY  1st leg
6-15-13   GCH, BOB   ( Ring 2) Dunkirk, NY     2nd leg

Proctor Hill Farm PepperMint


DOB:  7-13-12     Polled

         SSS: ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Baywatch  ++*S E

   SS: ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Giacoma Puccini  +*S 

         SSD: MCH/GCH Twin Creeks Madame Butterfly  2*D 1*M VG

Sire: Dragonfly G Mighty King Asa *S

         SDS: MCH/PGCH Little Rascals American Hero +S E 

   SD: Twin Creeks AH Chiaroscuro 3*D

         SDD: MCH Twin Creeks BW Fantasea 2*D E 90.7

         DSS: Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 

   DS: Dragonfly HFX Aragorn

         DSD: Dragonfly IH Electra 

Dam: Dragonfly ARG Mint Julep

         DDS: Flat Rocks Buried Treasure

   DD: ARMCH Flat Rocks Here For The Party *D

         DDD: Flat Rocks Party Time



3rd freshening udder

Maplewood Hill Top Roc-Em Reba


DOB: 7-21-12


         SSS: Rosasharn WT B-Bo *S

   SS: CH Rosasharn BB Chocolate Moose

         SSD: Rosasharn SP Honey Badger 4*D AR

Sire: Gypsy Moon Rock Steady 

         SDS: Tranquility Acres Rocky *S

   SD: LaurelHaven In The SpotLight

         SDD: Selah Meadows Eowyn

         DSS: NC Promisedland RC Bonafide *S  ++*B

   DS: Dill's BF Emerson Drive *B

         DSD: SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M (ADGA Elite Doe)

Dam: Maplewood Hill Top Emma

         DDS: Legacy's MS Fire Hawk

   DD: New Moon FH Sadie

         DDD: SM3Pines RS Rhapsody


Proctor Hill Farm SheezaCutie             SOLD                                


Date of Birth: 6/7/10

                     SSS: MI Sugarcreek C Willful

       SS: MI Sugarcreek W Your A Looker *B

                     SSD: ARMCH/GCH Sugarcreek's SS Silhouette 6*D 'E' AR1857

Sire: Avian Acres LKR Don Juan

                     SDS: Irish Whisper Raisin' Cain

        SD: CH MI Sugarcreek C Widget

                     SDD: ARMCH Sugarcreek FR Sandflea 3*D


                     DSS: Stonewall's Raising Arizona +*S

         DS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood +*S

                     DSD: ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D E

Dam: Hill Country's Sheez All That *D

                    DDS: MCH Goodwood X-Ray E

          DD: Hill Country's Destiny

                   DDD: Mesquite Tree Acres Niabi *D


                                 First Freshening udder                                                                              Second Freshening Udder






Some pics of the girls

 Here are White Out (left) and Angel (right) enjoying a sunny day.