Maplewood Hill Top Goats

Registered Dairy Goats for Milk and Show


 Whole herd tested CAE Negative November 2011

Nigerian Dwarf Does:  Start at $250.

 Alpine Does: $350

Mini-Alpine Does: $150

All Neutered Males: $50


*All males will be wethered unless arrangements are made to pre-pay before 8 weeks of age.

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  • All of our animals are from herds that have tested negative for disease and CAE. Our entire herd tested CAE Negative - November 2011. For those reasons we do not offer breedings on outside does. 
  • As stated above all males are wethered unless prepaid arrangements are made. 
  • Our herd has access to quality hay, fresh water, appropriate feed, free-choice mineral, solid draft-free housing, green pasture, and are securely fenced in with a LGD to watch over them.
  • They are up to date on deworming and vaccinations, hooves are regularly trimmed, and their general health and well-being is carefully monitored.
  • Kids are dam raised, as nature intended. They are handled daily and are friendly.
  •  Deposits are not necessary BUT we will put you on a waiting list for kids & contact you when they are born.


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    Call: 814-333-8255